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Moving a shed 

Moving a garden shed is very simple task when comparing to other things. The toughness of the task depends upon the size of the shed which is needed to be moved. There are some problems like drainage, amount of sunlight (little or too much) and landscape design. Moving a shed is simple task but the only important point that everyone must remember while moving is to be careful. The type of transport is also important while moving the shed.

The shingles must be covered with tarp in case of the moving to be a long one. These shingles will help in protecting the garden shed and help in surviving the transportation. Diggings under the shed must be made so as to insert jacks under them and all corners can be accessed. The building must be lifted two spans above the ground, so that moving structure can be placed. Long pipes and boards must be inserted and bind all together.

The main things which we need are a truck, long pipes, boards, robust hook and a rope. The hook must be tied in the construction in the middle of the side walls and connect it to the truck. Wheels must be inserted in the bottom of the construction. Thus shed can be moved to new location. Then uninstall the moving mechanism and shed is released to the ground.