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Moving and sorting your things

Sorting your things will help you a lot that will not only save your time but also money.
1: Have a track on time consuming areas like garage, home office or den, because you find maximum number of items here, decide what t take and what not to take.
2: Make a list of everything, be realistic, discard all items that is of no use, if you pack everything, it will cost you more.
3: Taking inventory is little more time consuming and you will get detail of everything.
 4: Make different pile like keep pile, do not keep pile, donate pile, and sell pile.
Decide which stuff you want to keep or you want move , suppose you have cloths that you are not using , it is better to keep in do not keep pile, you can donate items that you are not using but those are in good condition , you can sell some items like newspapers etc.
5: Place donate, sell items in another bag and keep items in other boxes which you want to move.