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Moving costs

After seeing your employer bills of moving you get only these options: Either you hire a company to move
Or move you’re self.

In both cases there is cash outflow. So budgeting is necessary and the keyword for that is preparedness.

Although paying the professional will be less stressful but it will cost you more. The one paid by hour basis may take ages but the one on job basis will do it very swiftly. The contract you choose will be decide once you meet the professionals.

You must always do your research. Cost of any move is totally federally regulated and rates are based on the weight and the distance to be moved. Also if you have problems of space or the moving truck is too big for your street you should go for a smaller one.
All the above mentioned pitfalls can be avoided by preparing for the job your self. There may be stress and labor along with loss of income incurred my missing your work etc.

So the main crux is to do research and then implement the right choices.