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Moving dogs

Here are few tips regarding moving your dogs. Moving pets to a new place is really challenging, get excited with the new surroundings. If you have dog, they always find comfortable if you and your family members are around them, if they don’t feel comfortable then keep them busy with pets, chew bones, blankets etc.

 Keep dogs in a separate room when movers are carrying your belongings, introduce them to your new friends and watch how they react to it. Make them visit new Doggie Park; you will watch your dog will make frequent stops to track other dogs, to mark territory.

 If you are taking the dogs with you to a longer distance then introduce them to some longer trips before your move and if you are flying, don’t forget to see the procedure of flying pets.

So you need to follow all these procedures while traveling your pets and you also need to be more careful while traveling your dogs, cats.

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