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Moving during holidays

If it is a long distance move that is to a different state or different country, it is not easy being away from your loved ones here are few tips you need to follow.
1: Always try to keep familiar things around you like any photographs of your loved ones that will help u to get rid of loneliness.
2: Get out of the house, talk to people, have your coffee at some restaurants, watch movie, enjoy walking in a park.
3: Invite people, preferably “orphan people”, it means those who are away from their city or costae or country.
4: Enjoy watching your favorite movies, make lot of phone calls to your dear ones, listen to the music you are fond of, get your favorite food if you find them or ask your family members to ship your favorite food .
5: Check out what your new community members celebrate, try to indulge you in their festivals or check out local newspaper or community bulletin board to see how people are celebrating.