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Moving heavy furnitures

Packing is difficult process in a move. Every room has to be thoroughly checked so as to avoid any missing of things. The big process which must be done is that collecting empty boxes which is needed for packing. Packing of smaller things is pretty tough job when compared to packing of larger boxes. Very heavy furniture cannot be rolled in uncovered floor so damage may take lace to the floorings. This back breaking job can be done with ease if we follow some measures in moving the heavy stuff.

Sliders of required size must be bought from local hardware stores. Corner of the heavy furniture must be lifted and sliders are put underneath so that the moving becomes easy. The easy movement is due to the frictional property. If you feel that buying sliders is waste, the sliding work in this case can be done by handle of an ordinary broom. It is kept underneath the furniture and it is rolled. Sliders are made of carpet materials.

In case of wooden floors, edges of the heavy furniture covered with carpet material can save floors from scratching and movement flow is very easy. Friction between wooden floor and carpet piece is very high so that the moving becomes much easier. Heavy objects can be moved by this process bur taller object’s moving must be avoided. Never lift heavy items with back only. Your body must be straight so as to reduce the amount of pain caused during the lifting of heavy materials.