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Moving home anxieties and how to deal with them

A study shows 52 percent of people have experienced a high level of anxiety and half of these respondents said that they have experienced high level of stress while only 19 percent said that they have experienced low level of stress.

There are different types of stresses, a person come across while moving.

1: Some fraud companies always ask for money more than the estimation, and they refuse unloading your stuff until you pay them the amount they are asking for. Always make the movers to visit your house before moving and ask them to make an estimation looking at your stuff, don’t take any random quote.

2: Develop a plan in your mind, empty a space in your house to keep boxes and other packing things.

3: Always try to move all fragile things on your own, don’t let the movers to carry because they may be careless carrying those.

4: Involve your children in whole process.

5: Inform everyone close to you about your new address, this can be done in internet nowadays.