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Moving in Shopping List

Whenever moving into a new house, you certainly may require a number of things on the very first week which you might have forgotten or even missed.
So, here we have tried to work out a list of every thing that is necessary such that they have been separated on the basis of their category, for you to check.
We suggest you to go through this list when packing your items. You can also be sure that this list is definitely the last box that you place in the moving van so that it is always easy for you to get your hands on, the moment you reach your new home.
Moving Check List

In Case You have Children
Paper towels
Plates (paper)
Diaper for baby
Styrofoam Or Plastic cups
Snacks or Formula
Opener for Can
Change clothes
Plastic Utensils
Extra pair of Blankets
In case you are having pets
Try to carry small telephone book for your
Local area map
Leash chain
Important phone numbers
Playing Toys
Toilet tissue paper
Food and light snacks
Curtains for shower
Dishes for food and water
Medicinal supplies
Litter and liter box
First aid box
Pooper scooper
Electrical extension cords
Flash light
Hanging hooks
Broom for cleaning
Cleaner for glass
Cleaner for all purpose use
Box cutting tool
Scrubbing brush
Marker and pen
Trash bag


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