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Moving into a new neighborhood: New City

When you move to a new city, first thing comes to your mind, how to get acquainted with the city. Walking is the best way to explore your new city; here are few tips to be the new citizen -
1: Visit your local library, you will not only come across with good books but also you will get information about community, ask for local guides and maps that will help you to explore your new city in a better way. Get a library card if possible.
2: Every city has their own community newspaper, just go through it; you can have an idea about community happenings.

3: Visit recreation centers, check out community bulletin boards, and ask the staff about your interest and other resources in the neighborhood. Here you can get new friends which will create your interest and will make you comfortable in the new city.

You can also go through internet to get information about the new city, like important telephone numbers, tourist place in the city and many details about the city.