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Moving-preparing for the physical move

While you are in a move, it is an obvious thing that you may forget something at the last moment, which may put you in trouble afterwards, so here are few tips on last minute preparation.

Maps: get a map that will guide you to your new place, if you are not taking a map and you are not with someone who knows the way, you may get in trouble to reach your destination.

Drive the route: it is advisable to drive the route in advance if the move is a short distance move or a local move, just check out everything is in the way you wanted to, do some research about the needs you may be wanting at the time of travel, don’t forget to investigate if there is any construction work ahead on your way, if it is then postpone your move.

Grocery store: do not visit your grocery shop if it is not essential at the time of move, just try to cut down your demands, otherwise there will unnecessary wastage of food and it is not wise to move grocery items at the time of move.

Car entertainment:  get some games and music CDs that will entertain you in your journey.

Pack some foods: pack mainly fruits while you are moving, like grapes, apples, oranges, etc.

Reservation:  make sure all your reservations are correct, like reservation for hotels, motel, campground, etc.