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The things mentioned in the moving check list are mostly satisfied before the start of the move. But to fulfill the checklist, we need to refer some things after the move is completed. The main theme of the checklist is to make your move successful in a planned way. Three weeks before the move, you must search for the research school and day care in the new area.

Music scene must be identified and dates of any concerts must be checked so that you can enjoy those concerts after you reach this new place. Check whether any big sporting event is there so that you can have great time in going out there and watching it after you move the new place. The carpets of the new place must be cleaned two weeks before the arrival. The electrical and electronic appliances must be checked in a way that they are in a working condition.

Check whether your phone and internet connection have been placed properly in your new place. After you have moved, new bank accounts must be opened in the nearest bank. Find the right centers for medical treatment in your new place. Try to know what are the important shops and entertainment places. Religious centers must be identified.