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Moving tips and advices

Do take help of all the tips and advices for moving. You may also print and take this page along with you. Do utilize this check list.
Take some notes.  Note your registration number etc and keep it safe with you.
Get your bed at new home ready. Make sure you have all the essentials to make your bed ready in quick time at your new place.
 Don’t ever forget about the refrigerator. Put some coffee, charcoal or baking soda to keep the interior fresh.
Also keep the latest phone book.
Pack heavy and also pack light. Pack as such that you’re heavy items are in small boxes and light in big boxes.
Distribute your number.
Protect all your memories and nostalgic feelings.
Do pack all the necessary items and keep them in a separate box
Unscrew all bulbs and cut the power of all appliances.
Mark all your boxes
Make your pet relax a bit
Take extra care of all your plants.
Take a short break from your computer.
Enjoy and feel the help of professionals.