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Moving to your new abode-A new life Feng-Shui

Once you moved away from your old home, it’s not the home only but also you moved away from the place, relatives, friends and everything. In a new place everything is new to you and you have to adjust in every matter.

First thing you need to do- pack all the stuff, clean each item before you pack, don’t try to take all your belongings, donate or sell what you don’t want to move. If there are any sentimental items always prefer to keep those items that impact good memories.

Arrange all packing items like packing tapes, duct tape, scissors which you may need at the time of packing. Always bring more number of boxes for packing.
You can hire some professional to clean the space or you can do it on your own.

Always move with some welcoming items like flower, music, special items for your new home. Always pick a correct date for your new move with a suitable feng shui astrological calendar. Have all your legal paper including your documents, closing real estate etc. make sure you visit your friends house and meet your dear ones before your departure.