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Moving- what is the real cost after your move?

After your move you will find the real cost is much higher than your estimation.

1: Look for multiple services in one package like cable, digital phone and internet that saves your money.

2: Check out which items you really need to move and which you don’t need, check out how much money you are saving not moving some items. For example an old divan will be costlier if you move them than buying them.

3: It is very difficult to determine how much lamps or bulbs you need in your new home and that add some more cost.

4: If you are leaving spices when you are moving that will also add few dollars to your weekly grocery bills to fill your empty cupboards. Refrigerator items like fruit, eggs, juice cheese will add some extra expenditure after your move.

5: Items like dish soap, laundry soap, cleaning items will add some extra money.

So it is advisable to calculate the money loss if you are not moving some items, make wise decision at the time of move.