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Moving with electronics

Moving can be very difficult, especially if you own many electronic items. Moving your DVD player, VCR, radio etc. requires special care, as they are more prone to physical damage during the moving process.

Before you move, always make sure to remove CD’s, DVD’s from players. Then you must unplug them safely and pack them properly so that they can withstand shock during the moving process. It is preferable to pack them in their original packaging. If it is not available, then you should use a sturdy carton. The electronic item must be well packed on all the four sides.

In addition, if your CD player or DVD player has multi cartridge system, then it is recommended that you remove it. You should wrap the remote, cartridge and other accessories of the electronic item and should put them all in a different carton. Put all the wiring of the item along with accessory. The CD’s and DVD’s should be kept in their original cases.

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