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Moving your Boat

Here are few tips and steps to move your boat safely or without damage.

1: Remove all personal items. if you don’t want to move then just make sure they are safe at the time of move.

2: Remove all electronics controlling items like wireless phones from your boat.

3: Drain all water and holding tanks.

4: Remove all mechanical items like seat screens, luxury seat materials including cushions and all.

5: If you are moving during winter then it is advisable to winterize items like engine. Water pipes, etc.

6: Do shrink wrapping to your boat, do it correctly otherwise it may lead to further damage.

7: Take precaution while moving sailboat, keep out the unnecessary things.

8: Don’t forget to remove the plug.

9: It is best to move the boat without fuel. If you are having some fuel, either use it or drain it before your move.

So these are few advises you need to consider at the time of moving your boat.