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Moving your House and Garden Plants

If you want to move your plant to a new place you must look for the instructions given in a book related to plants or a florist. Before moving place the plants in a black colored plastic bag  and then add some pest strip or bug powder in it .Then close the bag  and place it in a cool place for overnight. This will help in killing bugs, pests present in the plant or soil.

Before moving you must keep these plants in cardboard boxes and must punch holes in these boxes so as to facilitate air circulation inside the box.

The plants must be unloaded as early as possible; if you want to avoid breaking of stem you must open the box from the bottom rather than top. Then allow light to fall on these plants gradually.

You must have knowledge of the climate and type of soil of your new place. The seeds should be kept in a cool place and in an airtight container. The gardening tools should also be maintained in a proper manner, you can apply oil to protect the metal part of these tools.