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Moving your fish tank

Moving your fish tank may become one of the most tiring and exhaustive task in your entire moving process. Here are some tips that you must follow in order to make your move successful.

You must pay due care to the tank filtration unit. When planning to move the tank, you must turn it off and should not allow the flow of water laden with oxygen. The anaerobic bacteria will start to die soon. However, if you move is short, then you can preserve the bacteria colony, but for huge – distance moves it is always better to kill the bacteria.

After you are done with filtration unit, you should transfer the fish to the holding container. Drain your tank before you move. However, you should persevere some water in order to preserve the colony of bacteria. Then you must tank your tank apart.

It is always better to take the tank with you and you should avoid moving it with moving company.

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