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Now where are those Dishes? How to survive packing

Really moving your belongings to a new place, packing systematically so that you can get all things easily is a tough work isn’t it?

Label the boxes that you carry in your move according to room, that means if the boxes contains kitchen items then name it kitchen, list all the contents of boxes, so that you need not have to break the boxes to find out what is there inside.

You have to decide which thing s you have to unpack first, it is bathrooms items or kitchen items , on your arrival first you need your bathroom items like soap, shampoo, tissues, towels  to get fresh and then your kitchen to cook for yourself.
Then comes the living room, where you welcome your guest, arrange your furniture in the right place, put your wall hangings in the right place, so that your room looks like the way you want to be.

At last he bed room, put the bed in the right place, kids bedroom should come first, unpack the boxes for the bedrooms and arrange the things accordingly.