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Online calculator sites for rough estimation

There are many online sites that have calculators that easily give you some rough estimation about your move by asking some questions which include the distance of move, quantity of items to be moved, number of occupants, etc.

According to that these online firms give you the rough estimation of the incurring cost. But different online sites have their different process of estimating the cost. For example: one is which asks you to give information regarding the number of rooms that have to be moved and how much furnished they are?
Another is that asks for the number of occupants as well as their time period they have lived there.

Third is which is a popular service moving firm that ask you to give your ZIP code so that they can locate the closet bekins centre and ask you to fill complete form including your name, address, etc.

But in equating the price estimates from different sites you will find different estimates as per site’s norms and offers
So before the move you should first go through the move calculator that is available online and then according to that estimation you should decide your plan for the move.