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Ordering high speed cable Tv and Internet 

Are you wondering to have Internet and speed cable TV at lower price than marked by vendor? Here are few tips.
  1. Make queries: it means you need to ask the vendor about offers, there are always offers like with cable TV internet is free, many companies offer such type of promotional programs, but usually vendors used to hide such thing to the customer to add more profit in their account.
  2. new customer: If you are a first customer then do not hesitate to ask for free installation , reduction in price , free trial on bonus features , it is customer’s right to ask for the discount, if you won’t ask them ,they won’t provide you the discount.
  3. do not go for the first price: When you ask a vendor about the price, they will give a big number ,don’t think that you have no other choice ,but go for the price, visit other shop and ask for the price ,you will surely find some better price than before.
  4. Make a review:  it is advisable to go at least 2 to 3 times over plan and make sure you understand everything what vendor is trying to explain.

If you follow all these rules, I am sure u could get cable TV and Internet at fairly low price.