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Organizing your office move

Moving you or moving the belongings is rather an easy task but moving your office is very difficult, you need to follow few guidelines.

About 2 months of work is involved in such move and cost efficiency is the major goal. Also it needs to be time efficient and if you are time efficient by default you will be cost efficient. In order to be time efficient you need to have some idea regarding the new place.
1: Make sure everyone knows all details about the move, like employees, landlords, movers etc, labeling is most important thing in office move, label table and desk according to the floor, that is different color of labeling for different floor.

2: It is the responsibility of supervisors to give office moving to each employee and it’s the responsibility of employee to follow it.

3: Items like pen, rubber stamps, personal documents; you need to move these on your own. Lock all files carefully ad move it with an escort.

4: Throw all garbage and label “do not move “on the items which you don’t want to move.

5: Electrical machine like computer, move it carefully.  Check everything before you make your move.