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Packing Guide:  Items not to pack

This article presents some important points that must be taken care of before doing loading and packing. To ensure safety there are some rules that all movers must follow.

 You   should take the help of professionals to pack items which are corrosive, flammable or explosive. They pack these items correctly and safely.
Discard items like plant and food, which are likely to spoil in transportation.

Freezers and refrigerator must be evacuated at least a day before transportation. To inhibit the growth of fungus and bad odour appliances must be properly dried out. There are some movers who may agree to transport such perishable items if they are packed properly and the delivery time is less than a day.

There are some items which are not accepted for transit like important documents, jewellery, financial statements, files, etc. Since these items can cause trouble if they are lost or the delivery is delayed. Also the movers accept no responsibility for the items that are not in their knowledge. So it is better advised to carry these items yourself.