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Packing list

A packing check list can help in relieving the last minute stresses of the mover. The check list may help in knowing amount of packing actually done and how much is yet to be done so that time can be effectively utilized. Notebook-written or a word processor printout can be an effective way of preparing a checklist. Some titles like clothing, toiletries and basics must be given in the checklist so that it can help in differentiate an important thing from other less needed things.

Note the clothes with accessories so that no confusion prevails while unpacking and note full details of all the clothes you pack. An extra outfit must be packed and so that your shoes, sweaters etc match everything. Toilet articles such as toothbrush, toothpaste, toner and make up must be perfectly written in the list so that you don’t miss any basic items. Some cleansers for face washing and razor bladed for shaving also come under these articles.

Note that you don’t miss the things which would give a lot of entertainment to you like i pods, camera, mobile phone and mp3 players. Some vital things like books must be preserved well and good so that it will help you to regain knowledge in some topics which you forget soon. The list must have a separate column for things needed during the move.