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Packing the bedroom

These are some of the essential tips for organizing your new bed room, i.e. how to shift effectively.
1: Involve each members of your family to pack things, children can pack their own items, ask them to keep things that you are going to use during the trip separately. Keep all things that you are going to use in the journey in a separate suitcase.
2: Pack cloths you don’t care if they get wrinkled in medium size boxes, purchase wardrobe boxes for those clothes you don’t want to get wrinkled.
3: You can take your valuables including jewelry with you.
4: Pack pillows, linens sheets in a plastic bag, mattresses must be wrapped in mattress bag, dresser drawers can be emptied or you can lock it properly.
5: Pack mirrors in a special box, which can be availed from the mover. Keep hangings, curtains in your wardrobe box; don’t forget to clean after your move.