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Packing time

Packing time totally depends on you, if you are lazy to pack, it may take u more time, but if you are fast enough you can complete it in less time and packing time totally depends on size of your belongings, so it is advisable to de-clutter the items

You may take around two days to pack a single room, so in total it may take a week to pack all your belongings. Clear your garage or your largest cupboards first so that you can keep boxes there. Pack those items first which you won’t need urgently like clothes except few.

Involve your family members to pack things because this decreases your packing time. Ask your children to pack their belongings like toys, books, clothes. Always step forward in an organized way because that not only reduces time but also keeps you away from unnecessary wastage of time.
If you are hiring professional for packing then it will take less time for them because they are well trained and acquainted with this kind of work.