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Painting and decorating

If you are planning to sell your own house, you need to do some preparation before that so that you can get the money you are wishing for. Painting and decoration is the only way.

Make some expenditure on your  house so that it  will catch eyes of buyers, like painting interior and exterior, planting rose in your garden , repairing any damages, and make sure your expenditure shouldn’t exceed much , if it happens it  will put you  into debt.

Remove smelly carpets with a new one, remove every personal thing like wall hangings, or paint the wall used by your children, mean their personal space.
If you are really willing to sell the house then make it as if it is never used make the buyer feel like a new house welcoming them.

Don’t forget to paint outer walls of your house because that is the first sight a viewer takes and also the first impression. Walls should be painted off white because it is quite welcoming. So these are few tips how to attract buyers.