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Paperwork Involved In Your Move

Whenever you move there is some sort of paperwork which is involved in his process. This paperwork consists of following things.

First is order of service, all the movers are required to make a service order for every shipment for a mover. This service order is not a legal and binding contract. This order can be canceled or changed according to the moving persons wish.

Second one is bill of landing; this is the actual contract between your mover and you. The mover prepares a landing bill for every shipment he transports. The information on this bill matches the information given in the service order. You must carefully read the landing bill before accepting it. You must keep the copy of the landing bill in a safe and secure place so as to avoid loosing it. 

The last important paperwork you do in the moving process is to make inventory of all your household items. This helps in determining any loss or damage done to your property by the moving company.

In addition to above, you must go through booklet on “Your Rights and Responsibilities” and various moving brochures.