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Plan to move driven by market and lifestyle

House buying process is a most critical process, it depends whether you want to buy to do some business in future or it’s your lifestyle that is you want settle down permanently over there.

If you have home in a place like Northern Virginia where market condition is in its boom state, off course you are going to get a good price for your house, but if you have planned to buy a house in some other place like Morgantown    , if it’s your lifestyle, you want to stay closer to your family then you can go for it right now without giving a second thought but if for business purpose then you must consider few points like

1: Absorption Rate: If there are 100 listings and 30 sells then absorption rate is 30%, above 20% buyers market is in good condition.

2: Ask prognosticators about the market condition of the place you want to buy, if it is growing economically, then in future you can make some profit.