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Postponed Move

You may be planning to move just 4 weeks away ….. but now you are planning to move after 9 weeks!

If you plan to delay your move it certainly can make the whole process very much complicated. There may be many reasons for your delay like your home may still be under construction or even your former owner have not yet vacated the home as there is little delay in the process of joining the job. No matter what ever the reason is, it is always the right time to regroup. If in case you have been really preparing to move then this certainly is the right time. You can always make use of the relocation wizard to plan your customized move.

So you have to decide what you shall be doing with those extra weeks or even months? How can you ever live with those semi- packed boxes for the time being? So, here are a few tips that you can follow.

You have to begin with notifying your landlord or even you society about your extended stay and inform them of your new date of moving.
You also have to reschedule everything with the mover or truck company.
You may also have to postpone all utilities that you might have planned for your self.
In case you might have ordered for the new furniture or any other items you have to postpone it and get it rescheduled with your new date of delivery.
If you have already gone through the new address receiving procedure then you have to be sure that you do get mail at your new address.
You always have to be sure that you have also changed your insurance so that you can change all the renters insurance so that you can always get started with your insurance for homeowners.
You can always take advantage of any sales and start with shopping process for items that you certainly may need in your new house like shower curtains, fans. This may always help in distributing all expenses.
In case you are moving out of the town you may always have to try speak to people who will be left behind. You can always click here to find out more details.
You can always try having a garage sale of things that you no longer need. You can always click here for more packing tips.
You may always have to learn more about the area you have to move to by looking at the maps.
In case you feel your spouse needs a job in the new area then this certainly may be the best time to get started with.

If you just have some extra time then this may be the best opportunity to get started with your search. But in case you may have to leave your current residence immediately even if your next new home is not ready yet? There certainly are few options to consider. If you can not stay with your friends or family, you can always look for place to store your things and then try to stay in any temporary house.

You have to keep in mind that relocation may be a task so in case it is delayed then it may be frustrating. You have to be patient and should try to work it out.

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