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Preparing your long distance move

The distance moving company you have chosen will do most of the task involved in moving. U may not worry for the loading and moving problems of your things. But, there are few precautions that you should take before you move:

1. Disconnect all appliances. Disconnect your appliances from power and from water source before packing them. The Company may charge you extra for this work. As it is to do, it won’t also take much of your time.

2. Bring down your fans and fixtures that your need to take with you. Take all of them down before the truck arrives. If movers are involved they will contact an electrician other than doing their self.

3. Think about mailing all your books at book rate. The cost of the move can be reduced if you get rid of your heavy load of books. You might find mailing cheaper than moving them.

You also need to do some work to get the experience of moving. Taking time to tend some of the task might save you some money too.