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Pros and cons before relocating 

The job in overseas is used to attract everybody who requires a job for better survival. Some problems must be sorted out before accepting an overseas job. The salary should not only be considered but some other factors like reliability of job must also be considered. If all negative components are overdone by the benefits then the overseas job can be chosen with ease. Reputation of the company must be checked. The financial considerations like insurance and medical expenses given in current employment are to be verified with the new employment.

The tasks to be performed in the new company are compared with old one so that we can find whether the job is interesting or not. The economic stability of the field in which the new job is given is to be considered. The location of the new job is taken into account whether it is in economically stabilized region. Staying near your family may boost your confidence level. At least the location must be in a distance so that u can afford annual trips to homeland.

Safety factor must be looked in the place of new employment. Natural disasters prone, war prone and crime ridden countries must be avoided for safety purpose. New area of settlement must be looked so that you get all things which are essential to run life. To provide education to your children you must be settled in a place of high educational standards. If all the above things are satisfied in region of new employment then it can be accepted.