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Relocating From Overseas To America

When you mover from a distant country to America then you are definitely going to face challenge to belong. If you have very little or simple no economic power then belonging is very difficult for you. It’s very difficult to adjust in the initial years of your move as you will be looked at upon as foreigners.

However after residing in America for around four – five years things will become easier for you and your children as they will be embedded in the society, American culture and moreover you and your kids will start speaking like Americans.

It’s never easy to move in a different country because then you have to renegotiate your lifestyle, identity and your worldview. You have to build friendship in the new community .There are also few challenges like your children; it’s never easy to convince them and shape them according to the new culture and traditions. Americans are very supportive and friendly but they are ignorant about life across the borders of their own country.