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Safety system, the first thing to brood

After so much emotional and physical exhaustions when you enter  into your own house take into account the safety against fires,
carbon monoxide hazards  and breaking ins.

It is also noted that fire causes the maximum numbers of unintentional deaths every year.Hence the first thing  is to change the batteries of the smoke alarms.According to CPSC, smoke alarm batteries must be replaced once a year for  proper functioning of the smoke detectors.

Next comes the question of emergency escape planning and carbon monoxide poisoning that causes so many ailments like headache ,breathlessness etc.According toCPSC recommendations the heating system like chimneys and vents should be inspected on an annual basis so that there remains no fault.

The monoxide detectectors should be installed in the hallway and proper care in locking of doors and windows must be given priority.Keep the valuable materials away from windows.The windows  and doors should be locked firmly.

Let the lighting system of your house function well and bushes at the entrance be trimmed. Again brood over the community watch program and instal a security alarm to ensure your total protection.