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Self storage savings

Often people think that self storing their stuff is quite costly, but in fact self storage saves lots of money.
Suppose a business man want to shift his office to some other place. If he decides to sell all furniture and buy new furniture for new office then it will cost him more than keeping them in a self storage unit. 

So it is advisable to keep your stuff in a self storage unit by paying few hundred dollars, and reuse it at your new office on completion of your move.
It is better for a business man to buy things in bulk and store it in storage units. If you are buying furniture individually it will cost you more.

There are multiple ways in which self storage units can save a lot of money over purchasing brand new items.  It helps in both long distance and short distance move.
So it is always profitable business for all business man to use the concept of reusability by reusing office items just by keeping them in storage unit and using them afterwards.