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Sell your own home or hire a realtor? Pros and Con

Have you decided to sell your house on your own or to hire a realtor, both have advantage of their own.
Selling on your own:
1: You know better your own house, so you can give buyer a clear idea about your house.
2: You can avoid realtor fees; you can negotiate on your own with the buyer and can get a good price of your house.
3: Buyers generally avoid middleman or realtor while buying because they think there may be a chance of being cheated, so they are always comfortable dealing with seller directly.
Hiring a realtor:
1: Hiring a skilled and experience realtor helps a lot, they know the exact market value of your house, and dealing with buyer is easy.
2: Realtor can easily find a buyer that matches your need than you can do.
3: Realtor are skilled in reading contracts, they never miss any point which might be dismissed by you as unimportant.
4: Realtors keep you away from window shoppers and save your time.