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Sell your own home without Inconvenience

If you are planning to sell your own house, you need to some preparation before that so that you can get the money you are wishing for.
Few tips on that: do an enquiry about how many houses are on sale in your locality, call to realtor to ask about the current price of houses in your locality, by doing this you can have a brief idea.
Make some expenditure on your house so that it will catch eyes of buyers, like painting interior and exterior, planting rose in your garden , repairing any damages, and make sure your expenditure shouldn’t exceed much , if it happens it will put you into debt ,so be careful.
Precaution should be taken during whole process:
1: Get your house inspect by some professional so that problem may not arise from buyers side
2: A third party must be involved who will hold on all deposits, so that buyer may not face any threat of losing money and seller may not get any faulty funds.
3: Buy a sellers home warranty, that will provide you insurance for any damage while the house is on the market.
Just give an advertisement on your local newspaper that your house is on sale, place a sign board in front of your gate, give advertisement on website, place flyers ,local bulletin board showing your contact no , facts about your house ,location etc.
Create a warm environment that will make a deal:
Choose a few days for the buyers to visit your house, make a friendly ambience, a inviting one to make buyer comfortable , get ready with yours real estate sales contracts ands disclosures form so that if deal is final , you can get your money quickly. hire real estate attorney to handle the closing. Just check out one day before your closing “net cash to seller” in settlement statement is equal to your estimated amount. Make any queries on settlement statement, have some form of identification and along with your legal document.