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Setting Up a Moving Budget

Many people don’t consider preparing a budget for your move, but it’s a big mistake and will cost you more in the long run. Before you move it is a must to prepare a moving budget.

Nowadays there are lots of software programs which can create a budget template. Few of the most popular ones are MS- Word and MS-Excel. Another viable option is to buy a bookkeeper’s record book and use it for data entry. But you have to make some modifications in it.

While calculating the moving company’s expenses you should include various expense like moving company fee, insurance charge, extra services charges, claims or damage costs etc.

If you are moving yourself then costs such as truck rentals, gas, and insurance, extra equipment rental should be considered.

While traveling to your new home you will have to spend some amount of cash on transportation, lodging, meals etc.

Some amount of money is also spending in packing of boxes and their labeling.