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Should you hire pros for short distance move?  

We generally don’t take much tension for short a short distance move, but there are many demerits like we ourselves decide short distance is not going to be more hectic but in real it is more tiresome.

In short distance move we always fail to make a perfect estimation, like how much trip we need to move all our belongings, it always beyond your expectation and leaves you disgusted.

Generally in a short distance move we never hire professional, we always think we can do it of our own but the result is breaking of our belongings, so it is wise not to take risk.

If you are hiring any mover, they will have insurance for your furniture, if there is any breakage you can get your money, if you have planned to do it of your own, then first of all divide the work among your family members, hire movers for your furniture, hire a truck for 24 to 4 hrs  to carry your belongings, for packing purposes you can visit local grocery shop or local medicine sort you can easily get boxes of different size. So it is advisable to hire any movers at least for your furniture in a short distance move.