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Small moving fleets Vs large ones

There are so many firms in the having varying sizes in moving business. Few have a large number of fleet. Many people go for the larger firms as they see their vehicles on the road.

But a larger company does not ensure that it is better than the others. Some times a company with lesser number of trucks may suit you much better. Talking to the owner of the firm may be soothing for you.

The number of trucks a firm has can have an impact over its working schedule. In a very large firm there are spare vans which are rotated for routine duty. In case of a van breakdown the company can immediately send a spare van to the location. Some time you need to shift your moving date too as small firm does not have a spare truck on that particular day. If a lone van of a small sized company breaks down, it will hamper the whole moving process.

In larger companies there is greater flexibility that ensures it is lot easier to move on that specific date. So a larger fleet is better in that case.