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Starting right in a new community

It is really difficult to adjust initially at your new place, so here are few tips.

1 Take a walk and survey your surroundings on the first day of your arrival.
2 Next day you can move through out city and make a research where you can find all things you need.
3 You need to research about the crime, weather, corruption etc just to make yourself prepared for the worst case.
4 Different city has different culture;  you need to know about that so that you can enjoy it.
5 Get acquainted with your neighbor, workers and relatives in your community.
6 Move throughout city and find your favorite shopping mall, book store, hotels ,garden etc
7 Interact with the people, greet them and be familiar with them that will make you more comfortable with them.
8 Choose your grocery shop, vegetable shop where you can buy.
9 Attend school meetings of your children or any local function in your new city, volunteer any kind of work , just involve yourself , that will help you to get acquainted with the city and you can make yourself identified in a new city.