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Store your stuff right: Storage tips 

While you are moving, you want to store some belongings of yours, you must be wandering how to do that, how you could have easy access to your own asset
Best way of doing that is picking of right self-storage-facility, once you use it, is your responsibility to pack your belongings correctly.
While selecting self storage facility
1: Select a location, of you need to access your storage unit frequently then choose a location nearby.
2: decide whether you want a big storage space or a smaller one because they will charge you according to that
3: most of storage facilities give 24 hr access while some charge for each access so make sure about this before you store.
4: if you have valuable item like costly furniture, you can go for a closed storage free from sunlight and humidity.
While packing up your storage unit
1: use boxes to store and keep the boxes one upon other , the lighter one put it on the top, don’t leave boxes half filled ,,it may collapse if anything is placed on them.
2: just leave some space in between boxes and furniture so that you can easily get them
3: store metallic things with rust protector or wipe them with some oil.
4: keep your valuable thing at back of your storage space but they will provide you sufficient security.
5: lie plastic sheeting and put boxes on your furniture can prevent damage from condensation.6: store your refrigerator partly open ,that will prevent mold from growing inside, don’t forget to check out whether you have left any gas filled cylinder or any flammable substance.