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Stuff homeowner’s should do before hiring a moving company

Follow the below steps and you will save considerably on your moving expense.

Firstly you should discriminate, before going for a cost estimate you must look around the house for the items which are to be discarded. After doing this, you should prepare a final moving list.

A customer can save around 20 per cent on moving expenditure by doing most of the packing on his own. If possible, you should try to dismantle or assemble all the furniture, gym equipments and appliances all by yourself.

Thirdly, you should very securely pack all the fragile items like, computer screens, glass etc. Use Styrofoam or bubble wrap rather than newspapers.

For various costs cutting advice you can ask professional for any sort of tax deduction or agents regarding various insurance policies or even consult moving companies and ask them how to reduce your expenses.

Also plan your move in times, as generally people tend to shift on month end, so you must shift in middle of the month.