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Surviving the move

Exploring a new place, finding a new job in new place and finding new friends are some of the adventures in life which can be done in a condition that you have to survive a move to the new place. The main thing which is to be done is that get all contact details of friends in the older place so as to have a good relationship even after you move a new place. Try to get information about the new moving place through internet via emails.

Arrangements must be made with parents so that meeting with old friends is very much possible. Make lot of friend in the place where you live. They can only encourage you during bad times. Crying doesn’t hurt you. So doing this with your parents would help you in gaining confidence to solve a particular problem. Thinking negatively about the new place will degrade your confidence. Activities like and club or a group of friends will possibly help you out of loneliness in the new place.

Moving from a place where you have been living for more than 15 years is emotional and very tough task to do. But it has to been done since you get better standard of living in the new place. Friendship card and bracelet are to be with you as a sign of remembrance of the old friends. Emailing them with birthday E-cards will try to decrease the distance between yourself and them. Try to share the experiences you got by moving to the new place with your friends so that they could realize what you have tried to achieve by making this move.