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Ten important tips of moving into a new apartment

After getting a good apartment and executing all the paper work you can now get into it and start enjoying it. Though it is tough to decide that what items should be taken or left behind.
Following are some tips before moving in your new apartment

1) Schedule your move which should include some details about the things which should be moved and when to be moved.
2) List the items which should be moved.
3) The apartment plan should be studied carefully which includes the shape and size of rooms and furniture.
4) Inform the post office, banks, school and family about your move
5) Spend some time in the old home and separate yours properties that are essential.
6) Start packing your luggage before six or more months
7) Select someone who is expertise in shifting.
8) Ask your friend for your help in shifting the boxes
9) Assure that all the moved files and items are in perfect order
10) Switch off all the electrical appliance and close windows and door before leaving for a new apartment.