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The Packing order

Really moving your belongings to a new place, packing systematically so that you can get all things easily, is a tough work, isn’t it?

You have decide on your own which items you need to pack first, or from which room u need to start. It is better pack unimportant thing first clothes, garage items, you can ask your children to pack their books and their belongings first.

After evacuating your garage you can keep boxes. Then you can go for your bed room items, and then living room items. Buy pack-N-label’s moving kit for 37$, these are preprinted labels for each room, it will help your movers to keep things at right place and also it makes you identify items inside the boxes. Pack mirrors in a special box, you can purchase it from your moving company. Keep drapes, curtains in your wardrobe box and don’t forget to clean after your move.

At last you can go for packing kitchen items like cutlery, cooking utensils, dishes, etc.
Keep with you items like shampoo, clothes, toilet items which you might be using in the morning of the moving day.