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The hidden cost of moving

First, decide whether you are moving of your own or you are hiring movers, prepare a
budget ,and stay well prepared before you move.

Hiring movers:
If you are hiring movers, it sounds less stressful, but some demerits are there like, movers are always in hurry in doing their work because they have to move some other location, it may lead to damage of your property.

While hiring movers, make some research like how much they are charging for long distance and for weight, and always be prepared for extra charges like

1: Extra charges for moving heavy items like grand piano, snowmobiles.

2: Additional charge for moving your belongings more than 75 meters, or using staircases

3: If it is in metropolitan city some extra charge for labor.

Do it by yourself:

If you are moving by yourself then you must take the following points in to consideration

1:  Bring cash for tools, gasoline, hotels etc.

2: Make sure you are taking good truck while moving, if some problems occurs in midway, time and money will be wasted in repairing.

3: Make sure you are insured, if you face an accident on the way, so don’t forget to purchase truck insurance from rental company.

4:  If you make some damage to your rental house then landlord may cut some amount of money from your security deposit. So be careful.

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