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The many faces of moving companies

There are many hidden aspects of moving companies, often they charge you more than estimation, so you need to care of that. Here are few tips how to avoid being cheated.

1: amateurs and dummy movers: if movers are hiring third party to move your belongings they may not have all information about your stuff. Inexperienced drivers, day laborers may cause damage to your belongings.
2: hijackers and extortionist: they often charge you 300 percent more than the estimation, and if you deny them to pay your belongings remains in the van. Don’t forget ti investigate about the fraud companies with false documentation. Afterwards if you are filing complaint against them, you may not get your belongings.
3: over-booking: over-bookings are usually done by the companies, so you may not get tucks on your moving day.
4: Houdini’s: often movers turn out to be nonexistent or address seems to be unavailable when client is ready to push charges.

So always get some referrals from your friends or relatives about the moving companies, avoid third party involvement.