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Things You Should Never Pack When You Move

There are few items that require some special sort of packing and handling. You have to take special care of these items when you are moving so as to avoid any sort of accident.

Any material which is explosive, flammable or corrosive is very dangerous and illegal to move. If you are moving any sort of dangerous goods then you must contact your fire station, EPA office or recycling pickup service to find out how you can safely move these items. These dangerous items include motor oil, pesticides, car batteries, aerosols, kerosene, acid, fireworks and many such dangerous goods.

Also, if you are moving to a nearby place then you can take perishables items such as eggs, meat and dairy products with you. However if your move is interstate, then it’s better to dispose all the perishable goods.

You should take care of items having high value. These items do not only include items having very high price value, but also the sentimental stuff. Even important documents like insurance records, agreement papers, tax returns etc. can also be considered as high value items.