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Things done after a move

After a successful move, one forgets about his newly moved home. You think only of your new environment and neighbors. The entry in the new place may just move your attention away from some of the irregularities that are present in the new home like leaking faucets, gutters packed with leaves and squeaky floors. Inspection must be done so that you can find what the problems in the new place are and you can find out the solution for those problems.

The ignorance of these problems may lead to spend much more money on that and it could make you to think whether the move you made was a successful one or not. A checklist can help you to sort out all the problems in the beginning itself. The wooden floors must be thoroughly checked so that if any squeaks are there then it can be replaced or repaired. The taps in the washroom and kitchens must be checked so that if any plumbing errors are found then it can be easily solved.

Check all the plug points and check whether there is a power supply for all switches. Gutters must be frequently checked so that no excess cleaning is needed. Grading must be checked. Locks must be changed and windows must be kept always clean.